Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) Centre

Have you been working for quite some time? Or have you made up your mind to further your studies? Well, this is your chance to get credit transfers to our courses with your work experience

What is APEL(C)

APEL(C) is a process whereby our assessors will assess the students work experience, formal or informal learning to decide on the available credit transfer avail for students


No-Hassle Application

All you need is just to fill up the APEL application form and we'll guide you the rest


Very Responsive

We are very responsive when it comes to questions or even to process your application



We are fully recognised by the Malaysian Government under MOHE as well as MQA / JPA

APEL(C) Process


Candidate fills in the online form to check for APEL(C) eligibility


If qualified, candidate submits documents and pay the fees


Challenge Test and Portfolio Assessments by Subjects' Experts


Once passed, approval will be given by ASA's Board of Academic


Credits will be calculated and awarded accordingly


Official Letter will be issued by Kolej ASA to the candidate


If you have already applied before, please click the button below to check your application status by keying in your IC No. (Malaysian) or your Passport No. (Non-Malaysian)